The Enoch Karpenter Project: “Those Were the Days”lush, complex but accessible indie folk rock

“Grand, sweeping, epic chamber pop with striking melodic power and vocal harmonies that would make the most revered singer-songwriters of the 70s weep with envy.”
– Matt Garman, CHIRP Radio

“Break my heart beautiful.”
– Phil McCoy, Spiral Productions

“Those were the days when we’d hit and run, and everyone would drag it to their graves…”
– Enoch Karpenter, from the title track, “Those Were the Days”

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  • AARON MCMULLEN – Drums on tracks 1-4, 6
  • STEVE DAMM – Drums on track 5
  • ENOCH KARPENTER – Everything else
  • All songs by Enoch Karpenter/Matt Kristiansen
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered at MKUltra Studios by Matt Kristiansen
  • Album art by Enoch Karpenter

“Last Goodbyes” video.

“Seven Yards” video.

'Those Were the Days' by The Enoch Karpenter Project - Album Cover


We need to talk about Enoch…

Longtime Seattle widescreen indie outfit Half Acre Day‘s Matt Kristiansen, AKA Matt K, now AKA Enoch Karpenter, on the heels of a trauma-based mind control experiment gone horribly, inevitably awry, has released a 6-song solo EP entitled Those Were the Days.

The Enoch Karpenter Project creates lush, complex but accessible indie folk rock reminiscent of the likes of Andy Shauf, Wilco, Andrew Bird, The Wrens, The Mountain Goats and Flaming Lips.

As MK’s programmed “alter,” Enoch – a pushy, demanding bastard who names his projects after himself and slaps his own image on album art – has no qualms doing things of which Matt K would never dare dream, which could be very good… or very bad – it’s not for either of them to decide.

Download The Enoch Karpenter Project One-Sheet