What we do

At MKUltra Studios we offer recording, songwriting, music lessons and mentorship. Make your dreams of becoming a songwriter a reality with great gear, great musicians and an environment conducive to creating great art. Music is our passion, too. Let us join forces – but remember, we must use our powers only for good. 





Electric Guitar

Wanna be a songwriter? Wanna learn how to make music, form a band, and make a record? MKU is here to give you the tools you need to develop your skills and further your musical pursuits. With four decades of experience and an atmosphere of positivity and exuberant energy, we offer private lessons and ongoing mentorship (both remotely and in person), along with full access to our studios, engineers and producers to help you unlock your creative potential and make your musical goals a reality. We at MKU love nothing more than helping our clients grow and blossom into creative powerhouses.

Songwriting services. Ever wanted to take those lyrics you wrote on that napkin and turn them into a rich, beautiful sonic composition? Need a jingle or theme song to make your brand stand out? What’s that…? …you can’t play a note, and you can’t sing? That’s cool, we got you covered. Boasting a stable of seasoned talent spanning a spectrum of styles, MKUltra will work with you to marry that lyric to its destined melody, harmony, groove and soul, with results that will blow your mind, all at a price that is music to your ears.

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Graphic & WEB Design

Every band or brand needs a visual identity. Our crackerjack designers have decades of experience creating visually appealing, world-class logos and layouts that will make your product or service stand out.

Every artist also needs an online presence, including a website that lives at your very own dot com address. MKUltra’s world-class designers can build you a kickass site customized to your need, and set you up so that you can update and maintain it easily (or we can take care of that too, if you’d rather).

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MKUltra (Mind) Control Room

MKUltra has the gear, the chops  and the expertise to track your song so it will sound its absolute best. 24 channels with top-quality preamps and A/D conversion, great musicians,  mics, guitars, basses, amps drums and synths galore…. all at your disposal. We’re a blast to work with and will support you in capturing that ideal performance. Whether you’re a first-time songwriter, up-and-coming indie band or corporate behemoth, we can help you with your sonic needs.

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MKUltra (Mind) Control Room

Once it’s all down on tape, it’s time to blend those parts together into a cohesive, radio- and streaming-ready song. We got the secret sauce to make your final product sound rich, deep, balanced and professional. You won’t believe your ears.

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MKUltra Studios Animation

Looking for a unique motion element to compliment your music or brand? Yeah, we do that too. We can create one-of-a-kind animations and motion graphics that will stun, delight and inform.

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Elison Cruz

The Good and the Damned

“Working with Matt was awesome, we had a very cozy recording environment and could create some incredible, visceral sounds I wasn’t expecting. His input was valuable and would love to work with him again!”

Tim Carson

Vocal Coach

“Matt is equal parts brilliant musician, creative artist, consummate professional, dedicated to excellence in all he does, and one of my favorite people on the planet to collaborate with!

I simply can’t recommend him and his studio highly enough.”



“My first time ever stepping into a studio was at MkUltra and it still remains a year later my go to professional studio to get recording work done. Working with Matt is such a blessing because during recording he always offers constructive ideas to further the recording.”



“Working at MK Ultra Studios stoked the dying fire inside me of what recording original music should be. Every time I’m there it is a beautiful experience and makes me believe I can turn water into wine.”