audio production, songwriting, Music Mentorship and web marketing services

Wanna be a songwriter? Wanna learn how to make music, form a band, and make a record? MKU is here to give you the tools you need to develop your skills and further your musical pursuits. With four decades of experience and an atmosphere of positivity and exuberant energy, we offer private lessons and ongoing mentorship (both remotely and in person), along with full access to our studios, engineers and producers to help you unlock your creative potential and make your musical goals a reality. We at MKU love nothing more than helping our clients grow and blossom into creative powerhouses.

We offer audio production, songwriting, & web marketing services – your one-stop shop for your next release. Not only can we make your dream songs reality, but we can then help marry that sound with the perfect brand identity, complete  with all the eye candy required to make you stand out.

Songwriting services. Ever wanted to take those lyrics you wrote on that napkin and turn them into a rich, beautiful sonic composition? Need a jingle or theme song to make your brand stand out? What’s that…? …you can’t play a note, and you can’t sing? That’s cool, we got you covered. Boasting a stable of seasoned talent spanning a spectrum of styles, MKUltra will work with you to marry that lyric to its destined melody, harmony, groove and soul, with results that will blow your mind, all at a price that is music to your ears.

Cat in the Studio
Cat is quite enjoying listening to his latest release – as are we all.