Recording Packages


Per song base: $1350 – Includes 1 day (8 hours) tracking (can be spread across multiple days), 2 dedicated project engineers, 2 rounds mixing (can be in-person or remote), final streaming master delivery.

  • Each additional day tracking – up to 8 hours: $600
  • Each additional round mixing – after second round: $150
  • Session musician fee: $150 per instrumental/vocal part, $250/drum kit performance/tracking
  • Editing fee: $200 – Extensive necessary editing of performances for pitch and timing that exceeds two hours will incur this fee.
  • Producer fee: $450 – Includes an experienced advisor/coach to help sherpa you up this musical mountain, and/or any songwriting/arrangement work performed directly for the song


Per song base: $450 – Includes up to 4 hours vocal tracking, 2 rounds mixing, final streaming master delivery

  • Each additional 4 hours tracking: $320
  • Each additional round mixing: $75

Prices include access to top quality, professional hardware and software signal processing and instruments from UA, Focusrite, Neumann, AKG, Heritage Audio, Warm Audio, Nektar, Native Instruments, Izotope, Waves, Soundtoys, oeksound IK Multimedia and more. 

Electric and acoustic instruments and amplifiers from Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Orange, Rickenbacker, Alvarez and more are at your disposal. Oddball instruments and sound-makers also abound to set your recording apart.

Fully treated separate live and control rooms. All sessions run by experienced musicians/engineers/producers who love to make music and love helping other musicians achieve their full potential regardless of experience level.

We offer a relaxed, friendly and open environment conducive to collaborative musical creativity. This ain’t a bunch of scoffing snobs! We absolutely love music and the people who make it, regardless of genre or musical background, and we will go to the wall every single time to make your artistic expression the best it can be.

A 50% deposit of the base fee required to secure recording date.


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